The Tempest - Hand Finished Signed Print


The Tempest - Hand Finished Limited Edition Print by Artist Richard Berner

Dimensions  50cm x 50cm 

Type  Hand Finished with 24c Gold Leaf detail, Signed Giclee Print, 300g Somerset Paper, Hand Torn Edges

Edition Size  50

The Tempest was created for the Art Republic group show. 'New Beginnings.' In this piece, hundreds of tiny figures come together to form the larger butterfly image. Inspired by ideas around the chaos theory; a butterfly flapping it's wings can lead to a storm on the other side of the world. Fine pen and gouache washes combine to give incredible texture and shading to the piece. 

Each print is individually embellished by the artist with 24c Gold Leaf detail that sits elegantly against the intricate pen work.

*Interactive with the Artivive app



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